Expertise that will help turn business ideas into a successful venture.


Software Solutions

Having worked in Finance Domain with most respected banks and financial institutes for over 15 years, we have gained extensive domain expertise that helps in having accurate understanding of the business needs. This expertise along with our vast and niche technical skills helps turn business idea into a successful IT products and services. Be it company which is taking up challenge to move to next level or the startup company wanting to implement brilliant new ideas, we work with you to define custom IT Strategies to ensure you are always on the path of success.

We have always believe in collaboration, compassion and commitment in delivering solutions.

We are aware that the global finance market is highly volatile, very challenging with fast changing local and global regulations and law which can have major impact on the business. The key then lies in being cognizant, diligent, agile and adapting to the needs; exactly what we pledge and deliver at LSS.

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Fintech Solution

Owing to its high growth potential and ability to offer opportunities for several disruptive innovation, Financial technology or Fintech has become the trending technology. Be it lending and financing, banking, payment, accounts or capital markets, Fintech has disrupted every segment of business. Fintech focuses on customer’s needs and therefore are very much in demand today.
LSS first started by providing fintech product suite to large number of banking and financial institute. Almost a decade ago, we diversified our roadmap to also provide fintech services based on our experience gained in fintech domain as well as reputation gained in providing robust and secure fintech products.

The fintech product development and managed services complement each other through increased domain expertise and use of niche technology landscape leading to our customer staying business competitive.

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Mobile App Development

The native app development for Android, iOS and Windows has been our strongest offering for long time now. We have developed various native apps for Banking and Finance Industry products so that the business activities can be performed while on the go. The various challenges faced in mobile app development are selecting the right technology stack, developing engaging app, gathering constructive customer feedback, analyzing the end user pulse, adapting to customer expectation, supporting various devices etc. LSS experience will help customers to make informed decisions thereby business needs driving the technology and not the vice-versa.

Cloud Services

LSS is an certified AWS Partner.

Cloud service providers like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) which offer vast range of services that allows pay-as-you-go approach for all its customers, especially helping startups and small-sized companies, to work on their next big ideas without heavily investing upfront on infrastructure and software leading to being more innovative, productive and successful.

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Our solutions have handled the operational needs of over 70 finance companies and enabled them to service over 20 crore happy customers. In short, we work closely with our clients to provide them with our expertise in technology and services in order to achieve cost-efficiency and scalability.