Art of making people’s life affluent

Digitization of the financial services industry with data-driven insights for advisors that encourages self service & automation for the investors(portfolio)

Harness the technology to redefine wealth management

A complete solution to cater to all the needs of wealth management activities of financial service institutions. WealthSide provides financial advisors and investors with the digital tools they need to create seamless client experiences across all devices and platforms


  • Digitized customer journey onboarding
  • Wealth Side Dashboard: Wealth Side dashboard is a 360 view of all the investments in one place
  • Stock & MF Portfolio:
  • 1. A drill down into the performance of each stock and mutual fund in the portfolio
    2. The graphical analysis of the investors' portfolios, individual funds, and historical performance
  • RM & Family Setup, Risk-Profiling, Asset Allocation, Tax Calculations(Exit Load, Long term & short-term capital gains)
  • Interfaces with NSE, BSE, BSE Star, Karvy
  • Empowering investors with data research(Morning Star, Value Research)
  • In-built email notifications and alerts. Reconciliation with DP, Broker, AMC
  • Integrate external interfaces like CKYC, UPI, emails, data infrastructure, research reports
  • Onclick investor reports, backoffice reports
  • Transactions:
  • 1. A seamless process of order routing and fund transfer (SIP/Lumpsum, STP, SWP)
    2. Hassle-free fund transfer: UPI, Net Banking, Stocks

WealthSide Uses

Portfolio Dashboard
Holdings Reconciliation
BSE Star End-to-End Integration
Privilege Based Access
Total Back Office Management
One-Click Taxation Reports
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