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Data Storage and Database Migration:

The data generated from websites, applications, systems, IoT devices, logs etc. is the most crucial intellectual property of any organizations which contains unprecedented amount of hidden business insights.

It’s very essential that data needs to be stored securely in the simplest way possible so that it can be easily & quickly retrieved whenever needed. Also, data needs to be stored redundantly across multiple geographical locations to ensure that the data is not lost during catastrophic events and business operation is back to normal within few minutes.

Cloud Platforms such as AWS, Azure, and GCP offers wide range of services that are used for storage of active data, archival of data, data lifecycle management feature to move infrequently accessed data to cold storage, create backup of data, auto recovery of data etc.

LSS works with customers to ensure that the data is stored, organized, managed, backed up at any scale to ensure business continuity running on minimal cost while ensuring that security & regional/global compliance such as GDPR, DPA, IT Act etc. are meet at each and every step of the process.

Data Lifecycle Management Policies:

The following image shows how AWS S3 data lifecycle management policies are leveraged to automatically move the data to appropriate storage class e.g. from active storage to archive storage leading to significant cost saving. The compartmentalization of data also imposes another layer of security.

Data Migration to Cloud Storage:

Cloud Platforms offer different types of services to move huge amount of data from on-premises storage to cloud storage depending upon the size of data to ensure that migration is quick, secure and cost efficient.

AWS offers Snowball & SnowMobile to securely transport Petabyte and Exabyte scale data respectively in and out of the AWS Cloud. These services addresses common challenges with large-scale data transfers including high network costs, long transfer times, and security concerns. Customers use these services to migrate analytics data, genomics data, video libraries, image repositories, backups, and to archive part of data center shutdowns, tape replacement or application migration projects.

On the same lines, Azure offers Azure Data Box line of products which are used for moving data in and out of cloud either offline or inline.

GCP also offer offline data transfer via Transfer Appliance service.

Database Migration:

Gone are the days when the enterprises, once decided on databases, used to stick for decades even though they were expensive and had limited features. Also there was huge risk associated with database migration to better alternative and the expertise needed to do that was not easily available. Database migration was complex, time consuming, manually process or at max the semi-automated process which was risk prone of either losing the data or corrupting the data. During these times, databases could be down for days or weeks for maintenance or disaster recovery

The AWS’s DMS service supports homogenous as well as heterogeneous migrations such as Oracle to Oracle, Oracle to Amazon Aurora or Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL. Allows to move data into right database such as moving the OLAP data into dataware houses, OLTP to RDBMS, unstructured data to NoSQL etc.

With few clicks migration starts and completes in the background while your Database is live supporting existing business critical applications.  AWS DMS service makes the life easy for database migration team compared to migrating it in Azure or GCP

Google Cloud Platform offers set of data migration services where on-prem database needs to be exported first into file(.csv,flatfile etc) and loaded into the cloud storage before importing into either MySQL or PostgresQL via Cloud SQL service.

With LSS’s expertise for decades in various database managements such as Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, SQLServer, NoSQL etc. combined with expertise on cloud offered databases, we ensure that the database migration would be simple and quick process.

Data Protection:

LSS’s solution ensure that data is properly secured In-Transit as well as At-Rest. All the systems, users and third party vendors are granted the least needed access to prevent data breaches. The monitoring and auditing services are leveraged to automatically notify via email or messages about suspicions activities performed on data.

We believe that data makes or breaks companies and we take it very seriously.

Disaster Recovery:

LSS’s Disaster Recovery Assessment & Plan (DRAP) guidelines evaluates the companies against best industry practices and procedure to identify the enterprise readiness to deal with natural or man-made calamities to data centers and infrastructure that can impact business adversely. We work with you at every steps to ensure business continuity despite unplanned and sometimes unavoidable disasters by constantly performing health check on system and data.

Leveraging cloud services and custom services built by LSS will ensure that the data is backed up geographically at different multiple locations and smart systems are in place to replace active with backup systems/data. Severe and extended outage could put you out of business and damage your reputation. LSS team ensures that you never have to face such situation.

We design solutions such that Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is achievable and also ensure that Recovery Point Objective (RPO) is short so that the business is impacted as less as possible.