Cloud Services

‘Cloudify’ is the latest IT Mantra


Cloud Adoption and Strategies

LSS as Certified Cloud Services Provider will enable you to achieve the NextGen digital transformation objectives using latest, best and the appropriate cloud services. We ensure that the services align with cloud strategies defined as per customer specific requirements. No matter where the customer stands in terms of cloud adoption and migration journey, we always ensure that this transition to next stage is fast, reliable, secure and highly cost effective.

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Application Migration and Product Development

The challenges associated with hosting the application on-prem such as investing in capital expenditure, software procurement, hiring and reskilling resources, managing every aspect of software etc. are often times very overwhelming. Legacy apps having significant business value might be running on old and multi-tenant infrastructure which are usually nightmare to manage and risk-prone to various attacks. LSS have executed many application migration projects to cloud platforms as well as updated them to latest technology stack to ensure that they meets ever changing security and performance requirements.

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DevOps & Agile Implementation

LSS’s experience in DevOps and DevOpsSec practices increases the customer’s ability to launch applications/products at higher pace, with significantly reducing risk as well as embeds security at every layer of the application making the solution very robust. Being Certified as Cloud Services Provider emphasizes LSS’s commitment to invest in latest technical platforms and skills which build customers confidence and leads to higher ROI.

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Managed Services

LSS has extensive experience as Managed Service Providers (MSP), providing both tactical solutions as well as strategic solutions to fully maximizing benefits of cloud solutions and services. These services includes public and private cloud implementation, cloud integration services, workload migration services, data management, database migration, application development etc. Customization, Flexibility & Collaboration are standard norm in all of the LSS Managed Services projects.

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Data Management and Database Migration

LSS firmly believes that “Data is King”.Period.How an organization stores active data, archives data, manages data lifecycle to move infrequently accessed data to cold storage, create backups of data and implements auto recovery has lasting impact on the business goals and continuity. Having an IT Partner who understands this aspect ensure in successful implementation of data management, data security and compliance requirements.

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Big Data Solutions & Analytics

Big data provides platform to process huge, complex and heterogeneous data sets that traditional systems are inadequate to deal with them. The small and mid-size companies which were earlier unable to benefits from this humongous data are now able to gather intelligent insights using big data managed services offered by cloud providers like AWS, Azure and GCP. Machine images created by LSS will help you quickly deploy the cluster of systems and manage them using simple user interface. LSS’s data obsessed team is certified in various big data platforms like Cloudera and Hortonworks apart from being skilled in open source tools and languages. Show us your data and we will show the insights!

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