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Application Migration and Product Development :

On an average, an enterprise has hundreds of web applications, programs, software, native apps etc. running on the infrastructure. These in-house developed applications or COTS products might be running on diverse infrastructure which is not only costly but also nightmare to manage and support them. Though these application have business value, the technology used could be outdated and hence more risk-prone to various attacks

Application Migration to cloud platform deals with the process of moving an application from one environment to another e.g. from in-house-to-cloud platform, cloud-to-cloud or even from cloud-to-in-house to address the issues listed above. A poorly planned and ineffective execution of a migration can cause significant delays, cost overruns, data loss, impact business continuity and major revenue losses leaving with bitter application migration experience.

LSS experts are insightful of what it takes to conduct application migration right from the inception step to post migration plans. We ensure that processes and scripts developed are automated, secured with latest technology, fully tested, leverage existing solutions and will remain relevant in future. At the same time we thrive for solutions that are cost efficient, lower TTM and error free by utilizing the best of cloud services/solutions.

LSS, following the industry best practices and extensive personal experiences of application migration, effectively migrated many diverse applications from in-house-to-cloud platform or cloud-to-cloud via automated processes with least human intervention.

LSS’s process for application migration, which is based on questionnaire documented under Application Migration Checklist (AMC), is categorized into following steps:

  • Define Migration Strategy & Identify Migration Plan
  • Identify Pre-Migration Steps to be conducted to ensure all bases are covered
  • Perform Application migration using predefined process
  • Evaluate Success factors and ROI using Post Migration tasks
  • Identifying Next Steps and document them

LSS has more than 15 years of product development experience. Most of the IT companies that have a wide range of Product Suite and also offer IT services, transition from being a service based company to offering few software products. However, LSS was and primarily is a products based company offering various Fintech solutions which transitioned into offering IT Services a decade ago.

These products are used by more than 70+ customers who would vouch for the professionalism and the quality of the services offered by LSS. The vast domain expertise and highly rated technical teams is what has helped LSS Product being widely accepted in banking and financial institutes. Do checkout our Products page as well as our clientele list.